Everyone talks about safety each Halloween it’s now become a cliche topic. We’ve also heard the horror stories, or old-wives-tails, of how kids have been hurt or maimed while trick-or-treating. Well, I’m here to put the rumors, myths, and false stories to rest and provide some helpful insight on how to keep your little one safe this halloween.

For a moment, clear your mind of all the bad things you’ve ever heard, really, it’s not that scary. The best plan of action every halloween is to have a watchful eye on your kid, every interaction, and carry a flashlight. I mean really, it’s not more complicated than that.

I don’t mean to make it sound too simple, but really, all you need to watch out for is your own lack of attention. Your kid will have a great time doing door-to-door and being safe, as long as you keep two-eyes on your little one.


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