Choosing the right neighborhood to walk this halloween might be on your mind if you might have been out of the halloween circuit for a while like myself. You might want to consider a few things, like, 1) Are you looking to score big on volumes of candy, or candy-quality? 2) Do you want a busy neighborhood with lots of kids, or do you want your kid to be the star of the show at each house? 3) Do you want to walk short distance? The answers might depend on the age of your child, what kind of experience you’re looking for. You may be surprised that some of the neighborhoods might not be the best, and other are better.

This guide will help you determine the most optimal experience for your Trick-or-Treat plan this coming Halloween.


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  1. Cynthia Wui,

    Oh yeah. Our neighborhood is pretty good. When we first moved in people called it “that neighborhood for trick-or-treating” we go through 2-3 bags of candy every Halloween.

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